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Hobo sitting outside in wilderness watercolour

profile picture of a wise wizard in a forest with a big white beard smoking weed bong

old priest with flowers

enthusiastic inventor, no hat, blonde hair, man, leather apron with suit and tie, portrait painting

A pioneer settler of The New Mexico Territory! He left his apartment\tenement house in the state of Illinois in 1844 AD! His name is Grantham Breslen Parkenwellen! He is a big burly man that worked on the dock yards of 1840s Chicago IL! He decided his blue collar job as a unloader of shipping wasn't cutting it and his family was living in poverty within the tenements of Chicago, IL back then in the time of the gold rush!! He looks like a bull on his face with his facial features, he's not a

wizard enjoying creating a painting

a portrait of a 32 year old, smiling, man. He has short, straight, blond hair, a neat, short, beard and brown eyes. His skin has a light tan, a lean build and is dress in medieval clothing

Maximum hyper realistic drawing, Maximum hyper realistic portrait of Tolstoy

A realistic painting of a pale pictish representation of the traditional pictish Tom Rowsell as a Pictish herder in enigmatic pictish attire under the pictish moonlight in the style of Sméagol

a stunning hyperrealistic smailing slavic portrayal of a peasant from the 7th century in slavic clouthes

Create a painting of a fat middle-aged man in a brown Monk's habit and a short, well-groomed beard in the painting style of Cezanne

Woman with long hair dressed in Norwegian bunad. She is smiling. Spring background with apple blossom trees. Watercolor

An old man of great wisdom with a white beard in the style of Todd MacFarlane

old man with gray beard and long hair watercolor transparent background

Leo Tolstoy barbiecore

Ilya Muromets

western movie portrait, retro, man. 40 y old. Caucasian. Taille moyenne. shattered blond hair. moustache with tabaco.

Create a photo of a fat, beardless, bald man, around 50 years old, wearing a colorful cape.

Survivalists Seeking Camaraderie

Male Ginger beard artist

a 31 year old light brown man who works as a farmer, with blue eyes and very long, curled auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail. dressed in medieval clothes

commercial photo, сlose-up of a man’s face, large beard and mustache, wrinkles on the face, wizard, warm light, fire, camera shoots at an angle of 45 degrees

a human robin hood with a detailed face and a green cloak in the middle of a lush forest looking lost in thought

a soft faced, soft blue eyed old man with long white, sparkly hair and beard like gandolf, dressed in gray and white robes

captain ahab

Create a photo of a venerable male magical teacher with a trim, short, gray beard wearing a brown robe

old man thinking, perfect eyes, realistic, cinematic quality, 12k resolution, intricate detail, perfect clarity, portrait oil MONET

Older man with long beard painting with a green robe

very old man with white long beard, carries an estonian zither and robes,

rear view of a skinny man with long wavy light brown hair and a long beard, wearing a torn and soiled white medieval tunic, dark stone wall in the background, by august macke, watercolor pencil

old man with chainsaw in the woods

An Arkansasan farmer who's other job is a rock collector in Witter, Arkansas!! He is a 35 year old male Arkansasan farmer from Witter, Arkansas and his ancestors are a subgroup of The Carpathian Gorals of Southern Poland, called The Walddeutsche people!! He is distantly an ethnic Walddeutsche man.. because its in his blood, but he's a 5th generation Arkansas resident farmer!! His family was from Łańcut, Poland!

Old man with beard painting

Older man with beard painting in a chair

detailed old furrowed bavarian moss covered man with a beard in a dark forest

Pencil drawing of a man with a ship coming out of his mouth

old man with long red hair and goatee drinks red wine

An oil painting of an angry bald brown bearded man dressed like a monk in a peak of a mountain. Mountains in the background. Realistic. High detail. High quality. High definition. High resolution.

Barnaby Sheppard, medieval, style of Russ Nicholson, black and white, pen and ink

In the bleak expanse of Russia, the Czarist dominion crumbled under the weight of fervent Bolsheviks. These youthful disciples, their minds molded with fervor, truly believed they were champions of the common man. Digital art, style of Monet impressionism. With Unicorn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Craiyon?

    Imagine having your own personal genie to draw anything that comes to mind, whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced artist. With Craiyon, there’s no need to imagine!

    Previously known as DALL·E mini, Craiyon is the new kid on the tech block and the best AI art generator (in our community’s words!). The brainchild of our CEO, lead researcher, and AI hero, Boris Dayma, Craiyon is a free AI image generator that’s painting a new generation for the AI art revolution through our own model. Since 2022 (has it really been a year already…?) we’ve been ushering in the next era of AI image generation.

    If you can dream it, Craiyon can draw it. Thanks to our advanced in-house-developed tech, a simple text prompt is all Craiyon needs to turn your imagination into AI reality – in seconds.

    But this genie gives more than 3 wishes. Get 9 free images at a time within a minute or go pro for unlimited art, fewer ads, and faster generation. Let your imagination run wild!

    Sushi painted by van Gogh? Your wish is our command. Gandhi as a Dragon Ball Z battle card? Granted.

    Anything goes with Craiyon in your AI art tool box, from abstract art, aesthetic wallpapers, to breathtaking AI landscapes. Explore infinite possibilities for styles, themes, and techniques, and most importantly, have FUN exploring the boundless possibilities of AI generated images with us!

    We’re constantly improving and updating our state-of-the-art technology to improve your Craiyon experience on the daily. We can’t wait to have you on-board to ride the AI wave with us.

  • How do I create AI generated Art with Craiyon?

    If you can type, you can use Craiyon to turn text into AI artwork!🥳

    1. Open Craiyon AI Art Generator
    2. Type your idea (crazy concepts encouraged)
    3. Hit “DRAW” to generate your AI art!
    4. Edit your AI image text prompt. With millions of art styles and photorealistic designs you can add, there are endless changes.
    5. Save or download your AI art masterpiece to share with the world!

    Generating free AI art truly is as easy as typing in a prompt and letting Craiyon do the rest.

    Need help with writing the best prompts for AI art generators? We’ve got a blog for that!

  • Will Craiyon’s text-to-image AI always be free?

    We hope so! Paying members also help us continue researching text to image model technology, generative AI, developing, and building new AI models to ensure your Craiyon experience only gets better and better. For our free AI art creators, ads help pay for our (incredibly expensive) AI models behind the scenes.

  • Can you make images of higher quality?

    Yes, we are constantly working on improving image quality. Make sure to use the "Upscale" option when there is an image you like to get a higher resolution. Our AI gets better every single day so the quality of the images will improve over time.

  • Negative words? What are those?

    Is there anything you definitely DON’T want to see in your AI generated art? Like an awkward hat on your drawing of Mozart painted by Van Gogh? No problem. In the “Negative Word” section, simply type out concepts you’d like Craiyon to avoid, like “hat”, or “crocs”. 😆

    You can also influence color, light of your AI images by adding the words you do not want to the negative words.

  • How does prompt prediction work?

    Craiyon and ChatGPT work in cahoots to bring you the best AI drawing prompts this side of the web.

  • What do I do if I get the message "too much traffic?"

    If you’re struggling to generate AI art with Craiyon, fear not!

    Try pressing the draw button again. You may need to try a few times to generate ai images.

    Depending on traffic, we’re increasing our server count as quickly as we can so everyone can generate their images.

  • Are you related to DALL·E mini?

    Yes, Boris Dayma who trained the current version of the AI model, Pedro Cuenca who worked on the backend, and Suraj Patil are part of the Craiyon team.

  • What if my images don’t appear?

    We recommend trying a different browser first, or going incognito. Clearing your cache might also do the trick. If not, try restarting your phone or computer, or wait until a little later and try again.

    After restarting your device and the AI generated images still don't appear, let us know through an email at or let us a message on Discord and we'll look into it.

  • How does the AI model work?

    The model learns concepts from images. Each time you enter a prompt, it will create unique images based on its current knowledge and will try to combine the concepts from your prompt in a creative way. You can find more details of an earlier model in our W&B Project Report or the DALL·E mini model card.

  • Are there biases or limitations in AI generated art?

    Yes, seeing as it learns through existing images, it is exposed to societal prejudices and harmful stereotypes so can integrate these into its images. Limitations and bias in AI are still being researched and we're working actively on this subject. You can learn more in the DALL·E mini model card.

  • Can I use the images generated through Craiyon?

    Yes, as long as you respect the Terms of Use, feel free to use them as you wish for personal, academic or commercial use!

    Please credit for the images if you are a free subscriber.

  • Is there a Craiyon app?

    Not at the moment but we plan to develop one in the future.

    ⚠️ WARNING: If you find a Craiyon AI drawing generator app on Google Play or the App Store, it’s not us! There are more copycats out there than we can count, but the real Craiyon doesn’t have an app just yet. If we do, you’ll be the first to know!

  • What happened to the old model?

    For the nostalgic, you can access 🥑 DALL-E mega on 🤗 Hugging Face Spaces.

  • Craiyon rocks! How can I show my support?

    Yes it does! Your feedback is gold to us. From bugs to feature requests, we’re all ears, always.

    Loving Craiyon? Get more from the AI picture generator by upgrading to a paid plan.

    You can also Get Some Swag by turning your favorite AI creations into a t-shirt!

    Your support means we can keep making our AI model better for you every single day!

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